quinta-feira, junho 15, 2006

A world of arms pushers and fixers

If a country gets addicted to small arms and light weapons, there are plenty of pushers ready and willing to make sure the users get their fix. The fixers travel the globe and make connections to arrange supplies, transport and money to circumvent existing national legislation.


Intensified competition through globalisation has been increasing arms manufacturers' dependency on freight transport and brokering. The collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 and the subsequent economic problems of east and central European countries led to large, loosely controlled stockpiles of conventional weapons being offered for sale on the international market. Smaller but determined arms traders and brokers with access to cheap transport challenged the export markets of west European and North American manufacturers by exploiting these massive stockpiles and aggressively targeting the most promising markets, which were often in developing regions.


- Le Monde Diplomatique

Um excelente artigo.